• 6 days / 5 night
  • Colombo

6 Days Program ( 5 Nights )

  • Day 1


    Colombo City Tour

    Colombo City Tours offers the travellers an exploration of the capital of Sri Lanka. It 
    is busier and it is a town where different ethnic groups co-exist .Not only that modern
    sky scrapers as well as historical monuments can also be seen here. The tour includes visits
    to some main attractions such as the iconic Gangaramaya Temple and the historic independence 
     Visitors can also visit markets, bustling streets and scenic Galle Face Greens. Old parliament
    building and the Colombo Dutch Museum are some other places visited by the travellers who
    love exploring colonial heritage and architecture.
     The Colombo City Tour provides the opportunity to visit religious sites ,historic landmarks ,lively
    streets and modern shopping centers, which is an opportunity to discover the cultural,economic and 
    political center of Sri Lanka
  • Day 2


     Sigiriya is one of the most attractive and important historical monuments that considered to be the
     " Eighth Wonder of the World ". This well-known historically important site is one of the UNESCO World 
    Heritage sites.This ancient palace and fortress complex has an archeological importance and attracts
    thousands of foreign and local tourists annually. It could be the most visited tourist destination in Sri
     Lanka too.It is located in the heart of the island between Dambulla and Habarana.
    This 200 meter high rock plateau is surrounded by jungles and plains. At the peak of Sigiriya ,a ruined 
    palace with ponds, canals and fountains can be seen.This rock is called Lion Rock because there is 
    massive stone gateway sculpted as a lion.Its feet exist even today.This site has become one of the most
     popular tourist destination owing to some extra - ordinary specialities such as frescoes,
    mirror wall, graffiti and so on.This ruined rock fortress shows how history of Sri Lanka was and proves 
    the architectural and artistic skills of the people who lived in the past.This place is worth visiting ,That's 
    what all tourists visiting there yearly, say. 

    Overnight stay at Sigiriya

  • Day 3

    Nuwara Eliya

        After breakfast at the hotel, (Pidurangala,Dambulla Temple , Dambulla Royal Cave)


    Pidurangala rock which is located at a seeing distance form Sigiriya is also a popular place , specially for hiking. The hike to this massive rock will let you enjoy a panoramic view of the whole surrounding area .Hiking to this place at dawn has become a essential choice of travellers as you can enjoy the view of Sigiriya from there and a magical view of the whole area .

    Dambulla Royal caves

    It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka and the caves house a number of caves dating back to 1st century. Frescoes , Buddha statues relics that are there the reasons why these caves have become so sacred. The vivid frescoes shows various scenes of Budddha's life.These caves are also give the visitors and tourists a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. This place is a prominent place of Sri Lankan cultural heritage

    Dambulla Temple

    The Dambulla Temple or what travellers and devotees generally call Golden Temple of Dambulla is an much more exceptional temple complex and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site too. This cave temple carved into a rock holds a significant place in Buddhist Heritage of Sri Lanka and its history dates back over 2000 years. Inside the caves ,visitors can explore ancient caves and frescoes narrating stories of Buddha's life..


    Kandy ,the most attractive city situated in the Central Province of Sri Lanka.It is the cultural hub of the island. It is known for serene landscapes, historic importance and cultural heritage. The Temple of Tooth where the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha is enshrined, is situated in the center of the city .Enjoying the beauty of Kandy lake and exploring the Royal Botanical Gardens are two more opportunities that the visitors get .The Annual Esala Perahera , a grand procession with elephants,tuskers and dances ,show the city's rich cultural traditions. kandy is a gateway for thavellers to explore the culture and nature of Sri Lanka and it is a destination for the travellers to be aware of the nation's unique heritage.

    Kandyan Cultural Show

    The Kandyan Cultural Show, held in Kandy , Sri Lanka , is a could be an immersive experience of the cultural heritage of the region. This show presents various Kandyan dance forms , drum performances and rituals like fire walking and mask dancing .It gives you a glimpse into the island's history as well as the unique traditions of the Kandyan Kingdom. This gives all visitors a golden opportunity to experience traditional performances, captivating costumes and rhythmic beats and feel t.he culture diversity

    Overnight stay in Kandy

  • Day 4

    Morning Visit (Temple of Tooth/Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens)
        Leaving for Nuwara Eliya.   

    The Temple of the sacred Tooth Relic

    Located in the heart of Kandy city , Sri Lanka, is one of the most sacred places worshipped and respected by Buddhists as it is the place where the tooth relic believed to be that of Lord Buddha, is enshrined .This temple giving you a spiritual experience has got a great history ,serene surrounding and stunning architecture as well. Visitors can vitness rituals and offerings, explore the museums and temple's artefacts. The temple of the sacred Tooth Relic considered to a central pilgrimage site in Sri lanka is a symbol of spirituality,culture and veneration.

    *What to experience on your way

    Peradeniya Botanical Gardens

    This eye catching place which is situated a little distance away from Kandy,is a lush paradise spanning nearly 147 acres.This garden is renowned for its collection of various exotic plants ,orchids palms and more and established in 14th century.Visitors can freely walk through landscaped gardens and avenues ,watching the orchid house and many more endemic and foreign flora.Nature enthusiasts and botany lovers admire the botanical diversity in a scenic surrounding with the tracquil retreat they get.

    Ceylon Spice Garden

    The Ceylon Spice Garden situated in the heart of Sri Lanka ,is an ideal place for those who are fond of exploring the world of spices.This place where there are lots of things to learn about the cultivation and uses of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves etc. Even the aroma of these spices will surely make you feel refreshed. This place offers an insight into spice heritage, and a treat for those interested in traditional remedies and culinary enthusiasts.

    Ceylon Gem Museum

    The Ceylon Gem Museum located in Sri Lanka is a paradise of precious gemstones where what we posses is showcased. Knowning about The country's gem industry producing some of the world's most exquisite sapphires, rubies, and other gems, could make you fond of studying more . As visitors you can explore various types of raw and polished gem stones and get to know about mining and processing them. The museum offers insights into island's rich gem history and the craftsmanship behind jewels and gem studded ornaments. Visiting this place is a must for gem enthusiasts and anyone interested in knowing geological wonders.

    Ramboda Tea Factory

    It is situated amidst the picturesque hill country of Sri Lanka.It symbolizes the tea heritage of the country.This factory which stands as prominent symbol of tea production is surrounded by lush tea plantation.Visitors can discover the art of tea making ,from plucking tea leaves to the final process of tea production. Stopping there is a must for tea enthusiasts and those who enjoy exploring

    Ramboda Falls

    Ramboda falls siltuated in the central hills of Sri Lanka a mesmerizing experience for any nature lovers and this waterfall whose height is around 109 meters is one of the country's most iconic and lovely cascades. This waterfall is situated amidst lush greenery and tea plantations. Visitors can access v various viewpoints to enjoy the breathtaking spectacle. The visitors loving exploring the hill country should never miss to stop and enjoy the natural beauty of Ramboda Falls and the lanscapes.

  • Day 5

    Nuwara Eliya

    Explore The City

    Lake Gregory situated in the heart of Nuwara Eliya is an artificial reservoir which has become the main attraction of foreigners as well as locals.It is surrounded by hills and forests In addition to walking along the lakeside promenade travellers could rent a peddle boats and rowboats and enjoy riding while getting refreshed.This lake is an ideal place for outdoor activities too. Cool climate is one more reason why visitors love the lake. The Victoria Park situated nearby where we can enjoy watching diverse collection of fauna and flora , adds beauty to the town .

    Nuwara Eliya/Little England Town

    Nuwara Eliya ,which is called "Little England" is a charming town in the hill country in Sri Lanka. During the colonial period, when British tea planters established there holiday retreat in this region it got this name. Even now, its architecture, gardens and overall atmosphere are the reasons for its colonial look.This town is famous for its mild climate , lush tea plantations and eye catching landscapes making any visitor enchanted. Visitors can still explore historic buildings ,well-maintained gardens ,and some outdoor activities such as golf and hiking would make what you feel different.It is an enchanting destination for the travellers mainly because of its 'English cottage " style architecture, beautiful gardens uniqueness and so on

    Seetha Amman Kovil

    The Seetha Amman Kovil,which is located very closeby ,is a Hindu temple of great cultural and religious significance. According to the Hindu epic Ramayana,it is believed that this is where Seetha,the wife of Lord Rama was help captive by the demon king Rawana.This is a frequently worshiped site by the Hindus..Visitors can explore the architecture and cultural importance and it is a historical place adored by the Hindus.

    Overnight stay at Benthota

  • Day 6


    After breakfast ,Maadu River boat ride/Maadu River safari and fish spa
    The Maadu River safari is a rare immersive experience that someone gets in his life.There
    you can enjoy a serene boat ride along Maadu River where the visitors can see diverse 
    ecosystems , mangrove forests birds and isolated wetlands.
     One of the best experiences of the Maadu River safari is the "fish spa" When you immerse 
    your feet in river special type of fish called "doctor fish" exfoliate your skin nibbing away the dead 
    cells.That's how the visitors get this unique spa therapy. It's a rare therapeutic experience that
    someone can get in his life. The Maadu River safari and fish spa give the travelers an 
    unforgettable experience to the travellers exploring beautiful landscapes with exciting
    Benthota Water Sports and deep see fishing
    Benthota is a most visited beach which is suitable for water sports and deep see fishing,
    and it situated along the southwest coast fo Sri Lanka. it is the best place for nature enthusiasts, 
    thrill seekers and those fond fo water sports .Water sports such as wind surfing ,jet skiing, and wake
    boarding are available for the visitors there .In addition to these thrilling experiences ,deep fishing
    is also popular among the visitors there. Deep sea fishing is a memorable experiece for the travellers
    because there is something for every one who visits there.

    Galle Fort

    A UNESCO World Heritage Site in Galle , Southern Sri Lanka This fort is an exceptional historic place in the Indian Ocean . This has been first constructed by the Portuguese in the 16 th century and was fortified by the Dutch later.Well preserved streets (cobble stones) and Dutch colonial buildings can be seen.Its walls offer stunning ocean vistas ,especially when the sun is setting, It is a hub for culture and cuisine and also abundant of boutiques, art galleries ,shops, various restaurants .Who ever loves history ,architecture or scenic stroll will find this place ideal.

    Turtle Hatchery

    When it comes to turtle conservation, this plays a major role. Endangered turtle species are preserved protected by these organizations.In thier nestings sites all types of turtles provide with the most suitable environment to lay their eggs. When the eggs are hatches ,the baby turtles are protected and they are released into the ocean when they are strong enough to live independently. Visiting turtle hatchery could be considered as an unique opportunity since visitors get a rare chance to learn about this particular animals,thier value and conservation efforts. Most of all , you can witness the baby turtles being released into the ocean which is very heartwarming experience

    Overnight stay at Galle

    According to your departure time, straight transfer to Colombo International Airport. Farewell from Trails Lanka Family.