Out Where The Tusker Roams

The trumpet call at sun down that echoes across the wilderness is not the last stand. It beams the message that His Majesty is out on his usual evening stroll. The lonesome Owl, the far away Sambhur and a million Cicadas herald the setting of the sun, and that’s when the jungle wakes up. It’s the kingdom of the Leopard, the Buffalo, the Bear, the Deer, the Jackal, the Crocodile and the Porcupine. Sit by a waterhole one night and listen to the fascinating sounds of a world where you would be only an intruder. Watch a Peacock dance in full bloom in order to attract a mate. Be entertained by the behavior of the monkeys on tree tops or observe the gliding Hawk ready to jet down to his prey. It may be a cave, a tree top or a jungle hideout – The Trails would arrange your perfect experience you always dreamt of but never had.