“With the clouds below me the sight was breathtaking. Heaven couldn’t be anywhere else – but just around the corner” The mountains of Sri – Lanka hold more than two and a half centuries old culture enriched by pre – historic heritages of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity, in between valleys and hamlets. The glories of these heritages are out there in the deep forests, caverns and valleys created by nature and man for the eye to behold and the soul to experience. Reach the summits where the sun will keep you warm and the breeze will keep you cool. Be in a wonderland where nature draws up curtains of mist to close up your view and seconds later open them out for you in all their splendor. You would sure be glad that you left behind the concrete jungles, crowded palm fringed beaches, to be out on top of the world in your little corner just a hop and a step away from paradise.