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    One-day excursion to Ella , will let you experience enchanting landscapes, refreshing climate and cultural importance of the area where thousands of tourists visit every year because of this uniqueness.

    World famous lovely train ride

    Your journey from Kandy to Ella by train will be the best one you are going to have in your life. Captivating views of blue mountains, green tea plantations, misty mountain peaks and lovely waterfalls will make you forget everything and take you to a dream world .After getting to Ella you'd love the hiking ti Little Adam's Peak which is a little distance away from the town. Picturesque tea estates ,waterfalls ,countryside villages and the hospitality of people will surely make this excursion more memorable .

    Nine Arch Bridge

    As others tourists, we never miss to visit the iconic Nine Arch Bridge which is an architectural marvel.dating back to British colonial era .Witnessing the train passing this place is quite eye- catching and nobody forgets to get a photograph with this surrounding. Next, you'll have another lovely experience after going to Ravana Ella Falls.Ravana is a mythical demon king in Sri Lankan and Indian mythology.You will surely love the opportunity you get to swim in the natural pool of this paradise.


    Explore the city of Kandy which is the cultural hub of Sri Lanka . Its stunning landscapes attract and enchant the visitors miraculously. This one-day excursion will be full of lovely experiences You'll start the day by exploring its cultural values and the visit to the scred Temple of Tooth Relic will make you feel the religios background .This is the place where Lord Buddha's tooth relic is enshrined. This temple is really an architectural masterpiece

    Perdeniya Botanical Gardens

    Next you are escorted to Peradeniya Botanical Grdens. This is a captiavting place where the visitors can relax while walking through the shady paths passing the lawns surrounded by variety of flora.This calm and charming surrounding will make you relaxed while you enjoy being there

    Lunch with a difference

    You can enjoy lunch at a restaurant located at a breathtaking surrounding

    Cultural Show

    To explore the culture, in the afternoon a cultural dance will be performed in your presence . There , you can experience the traditional drum rhythms and the traditoinal costumes which speak about the cultural past of the city

    Kandy city & lake

    Leisurely walking around the lake is a relaxing enjoyable part loved by the tourists as we can see the city from different angles.while walking under the shades of trees.Late in the evening you can explore the busy streets, shops and markets.

    Sigiriya Polonnaruwa

    In this one-day excursion you can explore the wonders and the glory of Sigiriya and Plonnaruwa. you can spend time watching ,learning the history and exploring the surrounding

    Sigiriya Rock Fortress

    Visiting the iconic Sigiriya Rock Fortress is the first part of the excursion. Climbing to the top of the "Loin Rock" is quite thrilling experience .There you can see the ruins of a palace ,ponds and other remaining structures.The panoramic view of the the surrounding areas and jungles must be experienced once line life,at least. Frescos and the mirror wall will add another value to this journey to one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Polonnaruwa Ancient City

    After leaving Polonnaruwa, We leave for Polonnaruwa which is also another UNESCO World Heritage Site.There you can see the ruins of an ancient capital city.stone carvings, and perfectly designed gardens. They all show how Sri Lanka was in the past. Especially Gal Vihara and Royal Palace are known for colossal Buddha statues.

    Lunch ,with attractive surrounding

    Have a hearty lunch at a nearby charming place surrounded by the marvelous views of the country